Replacement Series

Mechanical  Fuel  Pumps

ref. GM Gp. 3.900  Mechanical Fuel Pump  # 5621776  -  AC Delco # 4886

Part # RS 4886                        1962-9 All Corvair Applications

Direct replacement - mounts as the original, Original factory stock appearance, 

yet features re-engineered internal components and material upgrades

- to tolerate today’s very differently formulated motor vehicle fuels.

These are manufactured exclusively for us - by an Original Equipment Manufacturer.

                        All components are made and assembled in the USA.



Part # RS 4886

effective 10/01/01


$ 49.95 ea.


Quantity Discounts Available.  Please Inquire


FOB Del Mar, CA.              Poly bagged or Boxed (2 per)           Made in the USA


Our Part # US FP-1 Version 4.0a which was produced exclusively for us since 1988

is NLA no longer available - the manufacturer is now defunct after over a half century

of OE Original Equipment production.  We are now working with another OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer, our experience since mid 1980's has proved very valuable in the engineering design and initial production of RS 4886 Version1.1a currently.

I am very pleased with the performance and reliability of this unit to date

- first released in July 1999.

Five  years  or  50,000  mile Warranty !

 - just like the GM - AC Delco Originals !

Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty -  to repair or replace to the original purchaser.

Requirements: a) postpaid return: with our chrome foil label, and metal Identification tag intact, b) copy of original sales invoice, please note the “problem”,

and c) $ 7.50 S & H - return freight expenses. Exclusions: any physical damage

- abuse, or failures related to debris - “dirt”.  Legal Notice - this warranty

does not allow for “any incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages.”


Caveat Emptor - Warning ! - the Airtex-Master “Flame” Pump is still being sold

(since 1986) by most automotive parts stores and certain very irresponsible Corvair vendors. Now that the Airtex-Master name is becoming known - these same Corvair vendors are now touting their “Master” brand - please  go to, click on “aftermarket” - Airtex-Master is “Master”.


The Airtex-Master # 4886 mechanical fuel pump is also packaged (boxed) by  Airtex-Master, Master, AC Delco, Carter, Niehoff, Borg Warner, Standard, Car Quest, and many, many more. Airtex-Master = AC Delco - Clark’s Corvair Parts, Inc. pg. 65 1999-2002 Catalog  “As of 4/99 C258 AC and C3403 Non AC appear identical but C258 has an AC tag.” They have just now noticed ?


Some “brands” will offer a “Lifetime Warranty”, but who pays for the installation labor,

or the tow bill ? This Airtex-Master # 4886 mechanical fuel pump usually fails quickly

- less than 2k miles - leaving you stranded, late for ? and perhaps a bit embarrassed

- harassed by a spouse ? Typically it  - a) will seep or spray fuel all over the engine - making quite a mess, rewarding you for your purchase with a headache - from the noxious fumes relayed by the direct air heater - defroster, it  - destroys the harmonic balancer bond, it - creates a very real potential for an engine or a total vehicle fire,

but most often it  b) - simply leaks fuel internally - filling the engine crankcase - gasoline is not a good lubricant / a substitute motor oil - this lack of lubrication - destroys the Corvair engine. Yes - the Airtex-Master #4886 fuel pump - is cheaper ... ...


Some of these same Corvair vendors are also using fraudulent / misleading statements

i.e. “It is the same as” or “ it is just like” ... 

Please do not be deceived - do accept any Fuel Pump as ours

- look for the distinctive chrome foil label with gloss red ink.


Why do “they” persist in selling a fuel pump with an known history of problems ?

Why have “they” never attempted any sort of a recall ?

We have done it twice on our product rather than risk damage to your vehicles

Is this their way on increasing sale of engine parts ??? Cynical Me ...


Our Mechanical, In Line and In Tank Fuel Pumps are available direct

or from a very select group of Corvair Specialists.



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Mechanical, in Line, in Tank Fuel Pumps and Components are readily available for your “Other” Vehicles, Modern and Vintage, Domestic or Import. Inquire.


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