Replacement Series

ABS (Plastic) Front Spoilers

Part # RS ABS -E     1960-4 Passenger; Coupes, Convertible, Sedans.

                                                     Reward - $$$ Need functional and attractive design.

Part # RS ABS -L      1965-9 Passenger; Coupes, Convertible, Sedans.

                                                      Reward - $$$ Need functional and attractive design.   Part # RS ABS -FC   1961-5 FC: Greenbrier, Corvan, Rampside, & Loadside.

                                                      Beta Release - Ready and available now ! These are all a high quality ABS (plastic), manufactured using modern thermoplastic resins, and finished in a semi-gloss dark gray - black.


These front spoilers will modernize the appearance of your vehicle,

            also help disguise the damaged (normal) lower front valance panel.

A mileage increase is to be expected.

Aerodynamic improvements -  will help stabilize the vehicle at speed,

            and reduce front end drift and “push”.


Part # RS ABS -FC is a modified unit, pre-trimmed and re-shaped (by hand, using a controlled heat source), to fit all1961-5 FC applications - Greenbrier, Corvan, Rampside, and Loadside. Made in Canada, modified in USA.


All made of ABS (plastic) so you’ll have to try hard to break it ! Yes, it can be done !


It is quite a simple installation - first draft  instructions and a temporary hardware package are included. We would like some feedback on mounting and hardware, please







$ 99.95 est.

$ 99.95 est.

$ 99.95 ea.


Quantity Discounts Available.  Please Inquire


FOB Del Mar, CA                                         Made in USA or Canada.

“Seconds” - Cosmetic “Blems” are sometimes available @  - $10.00 ea. Inquire !

Note a Special Shipping Carton is Required !

Part # RS ABS BX @ $ 11.95 ea.

Shipment requires a custom made heavy weight shipping carton.

Carton will accommodate Two (2) or Three (3) ? spoilers (maximum) per carton.


Freight Charges - Dimensional Weight Item !

Typically considered “Over Size” by most carriers and billed at 30 lbs.

Shipping and Handling Charges will vary - these are 2001 estimates:

 Zone 2 @ $ 13.75 - Zone 8 @ $ 27.75  per order*

- that’s up to eight (8) spoilers for the same freight cost.

Check our quantity discount schedule - don’t you have some Corvair friends ... ...


Free Delivery. 

Avoid both the Shipping and Box expenses

- place your pre-paid Corvair parts order and we will deliver it to you

- at the Great Western Fan Belt Toss and Swap Meet, Palm Springs, CA

The first weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) of every November.


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1965-9 Pass. Owners

# 2021 “Corsa Enterprises Front Spoiler”

ask for a reprint of the original catalog advertizement.


New Product Announcement - Release in Early 2001

Very Limited Availability !

1965-9 Pass. All - Coupes, Convertibles, and Sedans.

“Yenko” Street Engine Compartment Lid

Set up for “Street” use - metal backed reinforcements allow use of stock hinges, latch, and hood support.  No ugly flap type air intake holes.  Finished inside and out.

An elegantly styled, properly shaped rear spoiler

with a thin line “Third” Brake Light strip in upper center portion of the rear spoiler lip.

Absolutely Stunning unit ! Pictures available very soon.

Inquire for details - yes just under $ 500.00 ...



Beta Version - Installation Instructions:

Part # RS ABS -FC       1961-5 FC

Please review  these instructions in their entirety -  before you begin.

Tools required:

An electric drill, with a xxx" dia.  high speed drill bit,

A small socket or screwdriver set , ordinary  pliers.

Suggested options:

A  floor jack and a pair of safety stands; to raise and safely support the front of the vehicle  -  for much easier access.

Three spring clamps and an assistant is highly recommended.

To install:

Please note the # ?  factory mounting tabs in the spoiler


Mark the center of the vehicle  - between front bumper supports and  the center of the spoiler; a crayon will suffice. Place the spoiler under the vehicle;  center it and  position the spoiler snugly against the front  valance vertical  lip - making sure full contact is made across the entire front valance panel.  Re shape metal front lip with hammer and dolly as necessary. Visually check the position of  the  spoiler. Is it correctly centered ?


Use the spring clamps or your assistant to facilitate this.


When you are satisfied with the center alignment, use the factory mounting tabs, mark the two center most spots with a center punch, then drill a # ?" dia.. holes, into the vehicles body.


Reposition the spoiler underneath the vehicle’s front valance panel. Take a mounting screw attach the spoiler to the vehicle at the center most positions only at this time. You should not fully tighten - at this time. Starting from middle, work out to one side, marking, drilling, attaching, etc. constantly checking  the  position of the spoiler.


The end caps may need to be gently coerced into their  proper position. When satisfied - only then, drill two # ?" holes into the side of the vehicles lower front fender. Repeat on other side.


Warning: Because of the unknown and varied condition of the vehicles sheet metal - the thickness will vary and rust may have weakened the attaching areas; attach the spoiler to the body -  working from center out evenly tighten all the attaching screws using a bare  minimum of torque.


Alternatively you may use small bolts, lock washers, and nuts.


Technical Notes:

You may  wish to use an electric heat gun to slowly warm the end caps spoiler for a more precise fit.  Apply only to the back side, removed from the vehicle !

Excessive concentrations of heat will literally melt, distort, the spoiler.

Or severely burn you ! Be very careful - be very patient !