Ultra Series

“Corsa Enterprises” Front Spoiler

Unobtainable for over two decades - now available again !


Part # US 2021 Front Spoiler

Anyone who owns a 1965-9 Corvair Passenger vehicle

coupes, convertibles, and sedans

 - all will want this famous front spoiler because it

a) will improve the vehicles fuel economy - important again today @ $ per gal.,

b) stabilizes the vehicle at speed - don’t be pushed around by buffeting

             as you pass or are being passed by larger vehicles,

c) reduces front end drift and push

            - keep you vehicles stable at today’s increased highway speeds, 

d) and  looks so good !


Both Functional and Distinctive !


Check out an original Corsa Enterprises Corvair Parts Catalog Item # 2021.

This spoiler was designed by long time Corsa member and past president

- Mr. Herb Berkman. 

Read the performance test results - authored by a long time Corsa member and Ultra Coach Guru - Mr. James (Jim) H. Craig. Photocopies available upon request.


This not a “Reproduction”,  it is a “Continued Production” item.

I have obtained the Original Production Master, the last surviving Production Mold,

and the Legal Rights, to produce this wonderful front spoiler,

unavailable since the mid 1970's - re-released by us again in early 1994.  


This is a very high quality fiberglass laminate, hand laid first layer,

chopper gun backing, manufactured using modern fiberglass resins, and support materials, finished in a semi-gloss black - that may be readily painted if so desired.


Engineering Material Improvements.

Now they are even better - than the originals. The addition of Kevlar strands for extra reinforcement in the outboard corners,

the full length, one piece fibre glass matting for longitudinal strength,

the consistent thickness, and increased over all weight.


Quality - Fit and Finish are now improved effective December 2000.

We have finished making a new “Grand Master” and five (5) brand new

Production Molds ($$$) - to assure continued production of very high quality units.


You may  wish to promptly install your new spoiler upon receipt. 

Our use of modern fibreglass resins leaves your spoiler just short of it’s final cure

for an extended period of time. This is quite deliberate as it allows for a) safer transport, and b) the opportunity to install them with an absolute minimum of structural stress riser points present. Our spoilers will actually finish curing and conform (somewhat) to your vehicles individual front valance panel contours.



$ 99.95 ea.


Quantity Discounts are Available.  Please Inquire


FOB Del Mar, CA.                                               Made in the USA.


“Seconds” - Cosmetic “Blems” are sometimes available @  - $10.00 ea. Inquire !


Installation instructions and an attaching hardware kit are now included

- at no additional charge.


Optional Materials Upgrade - Beta Release 04/16/01.

We are simply experimenting with a new “rubbery” flexy resin material - imagine I can take the opposite ends of this spoiler and turn them 180 degrees with out breaking the spoiler...Spoiler still has structural strength but is now very flexible.

Colors will vary for now - black eventually -  prototype was lavender !

Part # US 2021-R @ $ 149.95 ea.            (Beta Release @ $ 129.95 ea. )


Note a Special Shipping Carton is Required !

Part # US 2021Box @ $ 11.95 ea.

Shipment requires a custom made heavy weight shipping carton.

Carton will accommodate Two (2) spoilers (maximum) per carton.


Freight Charges - Dimensional Weight Item !

Typically considered “Over Size” by most carriers and usually billed at 35 lbs.

Shipping and Handling Charges will vary - these are 2001 estimates:

 Zone 2 @ $ 13.75 - Zone 8 @ $ 27.75  per order*

- that’s up to five (5) spoilers for the same freight cost.

Check our quantity discount schedule - don’t you have some Corvair friends ... ...


Free Delivery. 

Avoid both the Shipping and Box expenses

- place your pre-paid Corvair parts order and we will deliver it to you

- at the Great Western Fan Belt Toss and Swap Meet, Palm Springs, CA

The first weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) of every November.


Caveat Emptor - Warning !

To avoid a Counterfeit - examine the Left Hand rear portion of  the spoiler;

our company business card is permanently laminated into our production units

for identification purposes -  if not present.     Please notify us immediately ! Reward.


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Replacement Series # RS  ABS (plastic) front spoilers are in development .


Part # RS ABS -E     1960-4 Passenger

Part # RS ABS -L      1965-9 Passenger

Part # RS ABS -FC   1961-5 FC          Available Now - Pictures available.


New Product Announcement - Release in Early 2001

Very Limited Availability !

1965-9 Pass. All - Coupes, Convertibles, and Sedans.

“Yenko” Street Engine Compartment Lid

Set up for “Street” use - metal backed reinforcements allow use of stock hinges, latch, and hood support.  No ugly flap type air intake holes.  Finished inside and out.

An elegantly styled, properly shaped rear spoiler

with a thin line “Third” Brake Light strip in upper center portion of the rear spoiler lip.

Absolutely Stunning unit ! Pictures available very soon.

Inquire for details - yes just under $ 500.00 ...